Techno Poppium Installation at Art Maui 2014

Techno Poppium

Techno Poppium was chosen for Art Maui’s 36th Annual Juried show at the Schaefer Gallery. The Juror, Stephan Jost from The Honolulu Museum of Art chose only 60 artists making this one of Art Maui’s most selective show’s. There were 3 installations selected, Techno Poppium being one of them.

In this piece Bennett Yashon and I collaborated mixing together very different skills. First a series of opium poppy tops were painted unto silk. They were then photographed in different kinds of light: Sunlight, LED, Floursecent and Colored light. Then the pictures were uploaded to the computer and manipulated in a few different graphics programs. The finished poppies where then cut out and sent to another computer with various animation programs on it and animated. This animation was then sent thru some video mapping software where the poppies were mapped and shown thru a projector to fit on the 12 tiny canvases that are hanging directly on the gallery wall. The effect is a wall of tiny paintings moving and changing slowly. I really like this piece because 1. When I am painting silk I often wonder what if. Once you put something down on silk, it’s there – there’s no going back – but I often see so many possibilites during the painting process that no one will ever see. If I add this color it will go this was, if I add this shape it will go another, etc. This video installion solves that by offering a changing and evolving view. 2. I have been harrassed about my paintings not making a social statement. I don’t like to paint sad or destructive things – we have enough of that in the real world, however, this painting is about opium poppies. You can look at it and think about all the problems: our troops in Iran under false pretenses, heroin addiction, big pharma over medicating, oxycotin, etc. Except – I don’t think you will. I think you will see the bright and beautiful side of this amazing plant and the good that it can do. Not every social statement has to be negative anyway – why can’t nature flourishing be a statement of what to strive for on this planet?
Last note – I enjoyed working with Ben, who is my husband, because he is uber creative, talented and easy-going. All told we used more than a dozen computer programs, many late night hours burning the midnight oil and had a lot of laughs.