Microcosmos Solo Art Show At Lacuna Gallery Chicago

Microcosmos Solo Art Show At Lacuna Gallery ChicagoCHICAGO, Ill., July 13, 2016 – Lacuna Chicago arts center is pleased to announce the Chicago debut of Microcosmos, Cudra Clover’s homecoming exhibition of large scale silk paintings inspired by the sublime qualities of nature.

Cudra Clover is a silk painter, multimedia, and installation artist. She studied at Columbia College in Chicago and now lives in Hawaii and creates in her jungle studio on Maui. Her art is in the permanent collection of the Hawaii State Museum of Art and she has exhibited in Chicago, Denver, Japan, China, Honolulu and Maui.

The work Clover has created for Microcosmos at first appears deceptively floral, while the undertones of the paintings reveal the urgent need to respect and protect nature. Jellyfish, banyan trees, cellular slides and galaxies intermingle and explode across the 20 large-scale canvases in the exhibition.  Vivid colors and bold, undulating shapes seem to float on the thin substrate of stretched silk, creating a tension between the forms.

“This collection is a meditation on living things, both real and imagined,” says Clover, “My studio is a laboratory, where the canvases serve as petri dishes for new beginnings, intended to contribute to the healing of our planet's imbalances.”

The process of painting on silk inspires Clover to explore subjects such as ocean-life, viruses, botany, genetics, water issues, GMO’s, the body and over-population.  “I employ both traditional and experimental techniques, including Serti, Rozome, batik and painterly styles,” Clover says of her process. “Iuse enzymes, guttas, resists and dyes, then steam the silk at high heat causing a chemical reaction. The colors and the silk fuse into one thing and can never be separated. It has a sensuality and aliveness that is far different from conventional canvas and lends itself to these biomorphic abstracts.”

Microcosmos is on view at Lacuna Chicago’s Second Floor Gallery until July 29, 2016. A closing reception with the artist will be held on Thursday, July 28th from 7-9pm.  Gallery hours are by appointment through July 24, with open hours from 4-8pm the week of July 25-29. Lacuna Chicago is located at 2150 S. Canalport Ave, Chicago, IL, 60608.